1. When can I try a class, when are classes available?

Class is available : Griffith Monday through Thursday, Kickboxing at 9am, 6pm, and 830pm  Fridays 9am & 6pm || Crown Point Monday through Thursday, Kickboxing at 9:30am, 6pm, and 830pm. Fridays 9am & 6pm


2. What do I wear, do I need any special gear to try class?

No matter what class you come to try out, you will not need any special equipment. For kickboxing a pair of shorts, jogging pants, and a tshirt is fine as long as you are comfortable and able to move. We teach all new students all basic principles that can be learned without a special uniform to show the effectiveness of the style and art we teach.

After you try your first classes students are offered wraps in our kickboxing class we have on site for $10, we always want our students making educated purchases so major things like gloves and pads are tested out first so they can know what they are buying before they decide to purchase anything. You can bring in your own gloves and wraps but we do not recommend buying from sporting good stores because the wraps are to short for adult hands and gloves and pads are of poor quality and do not last very long.


In jiujitsu, we offer different specials for different brands of gis, shorts, tshirts and spats. Shorts, jogging pants, and a tshirt are fine for trying out class as long as the shorts have no pockets or buckles.


NO jewelry is permitted to be worn during class, excessive makeup, colognes, and perfumes are not recommended.


All new students are required to sign a waiver of liability, if you are 18 years old or younger you will need an parent or guardian to accompany you to sign. New students should arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class starts to sign in and get ready.


3. How much is class?

All new students can try two free classes at any time as long as they have a liability waiver signed. After your two free classes the costs are as follows Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu is $125/month. Adult Brazilian Jiujitsu is $120/month for 2 classes/week and $145/month unlimited classes/month. Kickboxing is $55/month for 2classes/week and $69/month for unlimited classes/month. Kids kickboxing is $12/class, private lessons with Miguel Angel Torres are $100/hour for jiujitsu, $60/30 mins striking and pad work. Contact for seminar information and bookings for your academy.


4. What do we teach, what styles do we offer? Do we offer just boxing, karate, or tae kwon do? Do you train fighters?


All classes are primarily taught by Miguel Angel Torres himself unless he is out of town for a seminar, tournament, or fight. This is his home academy and he trains, spars and rolls with all of his students and interacts with them in every class. When he is not there he has trusted and certified instructors teach class for him. In our kickboxing/striking program we teach all students how to use a few different styles of striking. We start all students with boxing principles to learn basic punching and foot work, develop a sense of balance and awareness of distance. Once our students become comfortable with basic offense and defense principles we move on to a Thai style of striking where we teach how to use the elbows, knees, and kicks. Once students become comfortable with basic Thai strikes, pad and bag work, we teach tae kwon do and karate striking principles. It is Miguel’s experience and preference to not negate any striking strategy or technique so he always incorporates new strategies and techniques that are proven to be effective in actual combat. We do spar in our kickboxing class and all sparring is controlled and time with full safety gear on. We also teach Brazilian Jiujitsu where Miguel Angel Torres is a Black belt under Carlson Gracie Jr., Brown Belt under Carlson Gracie Sr., Purple belt under Ricardo Dela Riva, Blue belt under Marcello Montiero, but also has a world experience training under many other grappling masters. We also train extensively in all forms of wrestling, judo, luta livre, and catch wrestling. Miguel’s style of grappling is to use whatever technique is the most effective to win a fight, not to win a tournament. The only way to define his style is pressure, pressure, pressure, flow, technique, and more pressure. He will teach position over anything and all techniques will be practical, realistic, and effective. Although his students dominate in every tournament they enter by following the rules of the game they are playing, what separates them from others are that they are trained in all of the illegal or frowned upon secret moves that you do not learn until you are a black belt. We teach you how to finish, not how to win on points. The discretion of wether a student hurts someone is not a question of dangerous knowledge, it is about learning the technique properly, when to apply it, and how. That then becomes a decision that comes at the discretion of the end user. WE DO NOT TRAIN BULLIES.


We train fighters but all fighters must come in and meet and speak to Miguel himself before he trains them to fight.