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We also teach Brazilian Jiujitsu where Miguel Angel Torres is a Black belt under Carlson Gracie Jr., Brown Belt under Carlson Gracie Sr., Purple belt under Ricardo Dela Riva, Blue belt under Marcello Montiero, but also has a world experience training under many other grappling masters. We also train extensively in all forms of wrestling, judo, luta livre, and catch wrestling. Miguel’s style of grappling is to use whatever technique is the most effective to win a fight, not to win a tournament. The only way to define his style is pressure, pressure, pressure, flow, technique, and more pressure. He will teach position over anything and all techniques will be practical, realistic, and effective. Although his students dominate in every tournament they enter by following the rules of the game they are playing, what separates them from others are that they are trained in all of the illegal or frowned upon secret moves that you do not learn until you are a black belt. We teach you how to finish, not how to win on points. The discretion of wether a student hurts someone is not a question of dangerous knowledge, it is about learning the technique properly, when to apply it, and how. That then becomes a decision that comes at the discretion of the end user. WE DO NOT TRAIN BULLIES.