kids jiujitsu

One thing that separates Torres Martial Arts from other academies is Miguel’s dedication to his children and teen grappling program which he is the head coach of and attends all major tournaments to coach as many of his students to victory as he can. He starts his kids program at four years old and up. The class at 4pm is for children from 4 to 8 years old and class is an hour long. The class is ran by Miguel Torres and he is assisted by blue, purple, and brown belts as well as various wrestling and judo coaches. The class from 5pm to 6pm is for 9 to 15 year olds but if one of the younger children want to stay and train extra Miguel will make a decision wether they can stay or not but usually allows anyone who wants to train stay and learn.

All children learn basics of wrestling, judo, and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Miguel’s belt ranking system is criticized very often because he does not sell belts to students. He ranks his students by his style of grappling and that style it living and training to your potential. The younger and the more time you have the more potential Miguel sees in his pupils. He expects his students to want to be their best inside and outside of the academy. Martial arts is a lifestyle to some and to others its just some exercise. The most important thing here is learning how to learn and that nothing will be given here, everything earned. No children should wear a black belt. It is nice to see a kid do cool moves and break boards but to carry the rank of a black belt is something that a child or teenager does not understand yet. All children are ranked in a belt system the goes up to a green belt with a black stripe, the next belt would be the first adult rank which is a blue belt. There are only 5 belts in the Brazilian Jiujitsu system and they are white, blue, purple, brown, and black. The one thing you will learn coming here is that not all black belts are created equally, some earn their belts and others pay for them. Buyer beware…
Miguel stresses basics and position over position. He teaches all of his kids basic self defense and mma tactics that helped him become a mixed martial arts legend and World Extreme Cagefighting World Champion.

Growing up in a dangerous neighborhood where gangs, poverty, and drugs was prevalent Miguel grew up facing bullying on all fronts in his life. Using the martial arts as an outlet and tool to learn the means to stand up for himself and find his voice through training various forms of the martial arts to one day fight in a cage and pay for his college education and open his academy which he still runs and operates till this day with his business partner and sister Melissa. The grappling program Miguel teaches installs discipline, confidence, builds self esteem, builds muscles, helps with focus in school, sets goals for children to meet on a regular basis, and teaches them how to stand up for themselves to prevent bullying.