All classes are primarily taught by Miguel Angel Torres himself unless he is out of town for a seminar, tournament, or fight. This is his home academy and he trains, spars and rolls with all of his students and interacts with them in every class. When he is not there he has trusted and certified instructors teach class for him. In our kickboxing/striking program we teach all students how to use a few different styles of striking. We start all students with boxing principles to learn basic punching and foot work, develop a sense of balance and awareness of distance. Once our students become comfortable with basic offense and defense principles we move on to a Thai style of striking where we teach how to use the elbows, knees, and kicks. Once students become comfortable with basic Thai strikes, pad and bag work, we teach tae kwon do and karate striking principles. It is Miguel’s experience and preference to not negate any striking strategy or technique so he always incorporates new strategies and techniques that are proven to be effective in actual combat. We do spar in our kickboxing class and all sparring is controlled and time with full safety gear on.